Memory of MAIDAN. Memory of HEROES

Memory of MAIDAN. Memory of HEROES. Please make your donations for creating awards named after the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred Relatives of those heroes together with the Initiative Group have already launched several projects to fulfill dreams of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

We would like to eternize their memory right before the 5th anniversary of their act of bravery during the Euromaidan in Ukraine. They are to be remembered as those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country.

All awards refer to the projects in those spheres, in which the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred were actively involved. For example, in commemoration of the youngest hero Nazar Voitovych the Residency of Arts was founded in the village he had lived. And artists from all over the world are welcomed to visit the Residency.

In 2018 five more Awards are to be created.

If you are outside Ukraine you can make a donation by link and choosing «wayforpay»


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